Braeburn Apple Tree

Braeburn Apple Tree

The Braeburn Apple is one of the best selling apples in the UK, and you can grow your very own Braeburn Apple Tree in your Garden.

The Braeburn Apple is a crisp and juicy apple, with a green and red skin and a white flesh that has a nice sweet and tangy flavour.

Growing and Harvesting the Braeburn Apple Tree

The Braeburn is an easy apple to grow and should flourish in your garden. Some varieties are self fertile and do not require other apple trees to pollinate whilst others are not, so please check before buying your particular tree.

The fruits are ready to pick in October and can be stored until January in cool conditions, so you can enjoy your own beautiful apples throughout the winter months.

Where to buy a Braeburn Apple Tree

Save trips to the supermarket and carrying home heavy bags of apples, by growing your own fruit trees in your garden, yard or allotment.

If you have Kids, they will love watching them grow and learning more about where our food comes from. A Braeburn Apple Tree is a great choice of Fruit tree to start growing in your garden today.

The best place to buy a Braeburn Apple Tree is from a specialist retailer like those shown in out ‘Todays Best Price’ section.


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