Concorde Pear Tree

Concorde Pear Tree

The Concorde Pear Tree is a very easy to grow, manageable and compact fruit tree, that makes it a great tree for the garden. It also produces great tasting desert pears.

Growing and Harvesting a Concorde Pear Tree

The Concorde Pear Tree is quite an easy Fruit Tree to Grow as its a hardy tree and will flourish in the UK’s climate. Most retailers sell the tree in bare root form, and planting is normally carried out from November through till April.

Many of the gardening retailers stock Self Fertile Concorde Pear Trees, but as with most fruit tree’s you will get a much better crop when it is pollinated from another variety of pear tree.

The lovely fruits are ready for picking in September, and once picked they can be stored in cool conditions for up to 8 weeks.

Where to buy a Concorde Pear Tree

Start enjoying these fantastic fruits by planting your own tree in your back garden, and save yourself time and money on trips to the supermarket to purchase pears during the autumn.

One of the most cost effective ways to purchase a fruit tree is via an online retailer who deliver the tree direct from the nursery to your door, so you don’t even have to struggle trying to squeeze a tree into your car to get it home from the garden centre.

Online retailers are also often the cheapest place to purchase a Concorde Pear Tree (or any other Fruit Tree), please take a look at our ‘Todays Best Prices’ section to find the lowest price for a fantastic Concorde Pear Tree.


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